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Disappointed with Sprint Store


Disappointed with Sprint Store

I went into a Sprint Store today. I have two problems. One, my family member's phone(Evo 4g) is damaged. She switched to an old phone(Replenish), but I would like to switch back to the broken phone(Evo4g) and get it replaced/fixed. Two, my phone(EVO 4g) is missing, possibly stolen considering the suspious new usages on my online bill. I spent four hours last night trying to file a claim, track down my phone, and trying to solve both problems. I figured an experienced Sprint rep should advise me what to do so I went to the sprint store.

Today, as soon as I told the rep my problem, it was blatently obvious I was wasting his time. I was told to figure out it myself at home online because it's "so easy". I was told the insurance handles everything and to file it through the insurance company. I was told to go home and since we have an old phone at home, to go "activate your phone(EVO), there's a code under your battery."

Considering I bought my insurance from sprint, I expected to get some help. To be honest, I didn't even know the Total Equipment Protection Coverage wasn't from sprint!

The most hilarious part was that as I was leaving, the sprint rep told me to "dial #2 for a Sprint rep. if you have any problems."

Now I have to file a claim for a damaged phone, file a claim for a missing phone, figure out to activate the broken phone. I was considering switching phones and had questions about my missing phone but I ended up leaving the store without mentioning these questions.

I wanted to know if it's there is any way to track my phone using that code under the battery so that I can get it back. At the very least, will the theif not be able to use it? I also have the total protection app installed. Can I track my phone somehow? I've tried, but it seems like my phone is off. I also called the suspicious number on my bill and there was a shady person who confirmed answering a call from my phone but claims she didn't who it was.

I'm tired of trying to navigate the sprint website and disappointed that the sprint store rep was so unhelpful.

I also had a big problem with my username/password. I'm just tired of trying to figure all of this out myself.

I've always recommended Sprint "it has the best customer service!!" to everyone I know. I guess it's not always true.


Disappointed with Sprint Store

Also to add detail, the lost EVO 4g has a 16gb memcard and an extended battery. The broken EVO4g does not charge.

I know the lost mem card and battery won't be covered which is why I REALLY want to track it down and was wondering if filing the claim cuts off my chances of tracking my phone...


Re: Disappointed with Sprint Store

I also have family locator (and as mentioned TEP).


Issues resolved!!!!!!

I went to another Sprint Store 40mins away. The rep there was AWESOME. Completely resolved all my problems, was very courteous, and was even handling at least 3 other people at the same time. Funny enough, there was a customer before us who also went to their local sprint store, wasn't helped, and came to the store I went to today.

I couldn't find a place to leave positive reviews on the website, but I would LOVE to leave a positive review for this store and the rep there.


Disappointed with Sprint Store

Glad you were able to get help and get your problem resolved.  Was going to tell you to put lookout on your phones.  Then you can make it scream by sending an alret to it from a laptop or PC.  It also will show you within a certain amount of feet where your phone is on a map.  IF you are not able to recover the phone you can send a signal to it that will erase all of your private data so that no stranger will have it OR you can lock the phone and nobody can use it.

If you must replace through Asurion you can do this by calling or filing a claim on Asurions website whereas you don't even have to call or be bothered with Sprint; you can go straight to the insurance company.  This is information to have for the future.  You can get lookout from the market it has a green shield symbol.

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