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I work in a service oriented company and I am truly disappointed that Sprint was not willing to help me. So, I am leaving after eight years. I spoke yesterday with someone at the priority service unit and a woman by the name of Christy helped me out or I should say did not.I know that all companies have policies there are there for a reason. However, I also know that at time exceptions are made. I am going on a trip to Europe and I needed a phone that could work over there. I have an upgrade that I am eligible for in may and I was asking if i could upgrade early and get a phone I could use while i was on my trip. Like i said I understand policy and I am not mad just disappointed and to tell you the truth I don't understand the rationale behind not allowing the upgrade early. For starters I would be locked in to a new 2 year contract with the higher etf than i currently would pay if i decided to leave. So, considering that it is cheaper to leave Sprint and find a solution to my situation I will do just that. For the record if Iwasn't eligible for an upgrade within weeks of my trip I wouldn't even consider or ask for an early upgrade. However, this would have been a great example of a company trying to keep a loyal customer of 8 years and helping them find a solution that could work for both parties. Instead the rigidness of the supervisor and lack of interest in keeping me as a customer is causing me to leave. The truly sad part is that I have done everything I needed to do to stay with sprint, I even bought an airave so that i could continue to have service in my house since I have a very weak signal in my apartment. Anyway, I am not writing this post to seem angry or spiteful just mentioning what a little flexibility could have done to save a relationship of 8 years.

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