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Discounts and Customer Service Satisfaction - really??!!


Discounts and Customer Service Satisfaction - really??!!

We have been Sprint customer since 2011 and were eligible for Veteran discount. This January they stopped giving that discount, when I called the customer service, they said that they do it every year to evaluate the discounts and it will be put back in the next billing cycle. Here comes the next billing cycle, no discount. Another 15 min. wait and hassle on the phone, I was told that the discount is on the account and they didn't know why it didn't apply. I should be seeing refunds and discount in the next billing cycle. There comes another month, no discount, no reimbursement! Another 15-20 min hassle to explain the situation, another excuse why they didn't apply and finally I was told that it was techinical issues, they are on top of it and everything will be, should be fine. This month.... nothing again. I asked to talk to manager since I did not want to repeat myself again.. got the supervisor and he told me that since last July they are asking to validate the discounts and I need to submit our DD214. SO, if they needed that much, why didn't they tell me in January? If they needed that much why didn't they send me note along with invoice simply requesting that form. But noooo... instead, they had to put you through minutes of minutes of wating, repeating yourself from 1-4 people with the same story. Now they are telling me that I need to fill out discount application form, submit it along with back up documentation and they will EVALUATE and validate the form. When I asked how long would it take - no answer. And is this called good Customer Service????

And store customer service is totally a joke: Went to the Sprint store, had an issue with volume button with my IPhone 4S, they agreed on the problem and offered me a ''NEW'' phone. But the phone wasn't available at the time of purchase so I had to wait 2-3 days to get it whereas the other sales representative was trying to sell 4S to another customer. So right before I signed the contract, I asked if it is a ''Refurbished'' or a ''New'' phone, since the guy kept telling me that he is going to get me a NEW phone. And finally he spit it out that it is a refurbished one. SO, if I hadn't asked, he would have simply made me sign another contract with them with a refurbished phone....  And is this called good Customer Service????

I'm so much done with Sprint, their lousy, unreliable, liar Customer Service.

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