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Do not really know what to do...


Do not really know what to do...

I really do not know what to do at this point. Hoping someone on here can give some advice or something. I was a Nextel customer when Sprint /Nextel went down. I could kind of see the writing on the wall that Nextel was really just a "pet" for Sprint. The kind that you go and give a biscuit every once in a while, but do not give a whole lot of attention to. It was time for contract renewal and I was eyeing the Instinct Looked like a pretty neat phone...some were even labeling it as "the iphone killer" Well, I bit the bullet and moved over to Sprint's network. This is where my nightmare begins, sort of. Turns out we did not like the Instincts (2) very much...they were definitely not "iphone killers"...but the kids liked my wife and I thought...well we will just add three lines...get us BB Curves (which we like very much) and a Rumor 2...Inventory (2 Curves, 2 Instincts, 1 Rumor 2). This was May/June/July or so of 2009. We had no problems...None... loving our phones. One day..Early November of 2009... Our phones (all 5) start dropping calls and not sending/receiving texts... I call up Sprint...They seem very eager to help, but this takes all day...Quite literally ...8 hours on the phone with Sprint... I finally speak with a Manager in the "blackberry support" group. He finally tells me that he is sorry, but Sprint can no longer offer me service. This kind of shocked me. Really? He says yes, i am over 20 miles away from the nearest Sprint service area. He has to terminate my service. (This is the nugget that I left out earlier, intentionally)... I, of course, say really? See, at the time, I didn't really fully understand the different types of networks, etc. I thought well Nextel has a Sprint does...right? it is that easy, right? Back to the phone call. He said you should have never been sold Sprint service...You are way out of our coverage area. I believe his name was Michael, but the name evades me, but I do have it written down...somewhere. Michael (or Pete for all I was a year ago) says but I want to keep you as a customer...we have nextel coverage in your area..I said "yep".  Michael/Pete/Wayne says go to a Sprint store, order you some Nextel phones, and I will call you back on Monday. (I believe this was a Wednesday). Micahels says. I will make sure you get a credit for your Nextel phones on your bill. I was like man...Michael is awesome...Sprint is awesome...they are going to fix the issue that they remember the "sort of " nightmare is a nightmare. We never hear from "Michael' or anyone. I call up Sprint...cannot get to him...(don't know why I was able to before and not now...don't care) Well, 'Mike" must have handled it. We get our next bill...$1800..i of course call Sprint...again..and again, and so on... They finally assign me a woman Clara or Chedia...I have changed emails since then... i would not be able to tell you if I wanted to. Anyways, this woman was going to be  with me until there was a resolution. (In the meantime, Sprint starts threatening to turn off my service ( iam paying regular monthly fees $200/mnth)...I cannot do that ...we have turned off our home phone... This is my 12 year olds only line to the outside when she is home alone) We go on into january. I should mention...i am a tax accountant (600 clients a tax season...there are only about 75 days during tax season....1-3 hour the math.) is now late January...and i can only hear my "with me to the end " girls voice if I call her voicemail and leave message, after message... Sprint about to cut off my season in full gear...can't talk to "my friend"...I pay the $1800 out of shear desperation and frustration. I am going to forget it problem..........Until today... I noticed this little green exclamation point by some of my lines. I noticed that my contract end date is listed at 11/2011...WTF?  Throwing the conversation with Michael out of the picture (should have never had to pay the $1800)...If my contract ends in November of 2011 that means I signed up 11/2009...when I received my Nextel phone on "Michael's:" instructions. If my contract with Sprint was terminated, and I "signed up with Nextel service for two years. Should my phones not be at the discounted rates? $100 so odd bucks for 3 of them...2 of them free?...(pricing at the time)...2 8350is 1 i9 ... and 2 crappy boost mobile prepaid type phones(although they are contract phones)...I need someone to make a call...(just based on the Either my contract ends in Apr-May 2011(this matters cause I am fixing to get out..Nextel is just too old..coverage spotty at best..although the i1 looks nice)..or Sprint owes me $1400-$1500...I just have no clue as to which. I Know I need to call customer service..I just don't want to doesn't ever solve anything..


Re: Do not really know what to do...

Please private message me your name and email address and I will connect you with a SprintCares specialist.

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