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Down grade in service means lost long time customer


Down grade in service means lost long time customer

Today is the last straw.  I got sucked into a 2 year contract thinking the service would be better than my previous provider (Cricket)  only to realize I pay twice the cost for the same CRAPPY coverage in my URBAN town.  Dropped calls, flipping between roaming and not.... you know I could have learned to deal with the crappy service and just been frustrated.  I had the old Epic design, had to have it replaced.  WEnt to the store multiple times to get that done and got told every single time to come back when a tech was available. FINALLY, in utter frustration after my Epic was replaced by Sprint corporate after a very upset phone call, I got fed up once again (within a week) because that phone had the same problems the other did. (No service, no net, roaming issues, dropped calls, couldn't access voicemail.)  I dropped $550 CASH on a new Galaxy S3. My insurance premium went up and I didn't flinch thinking that the newer phone would have better service.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Same crap! (except voicemail worked and internet worked.  Signal strength was near 0 bars everywhere I go in my area)  Within 3 months of ownership the thing stops ringing all together.  I go into the "service and repair" shop (same place as before) and get told to do a factory reset.  I factory reset my phone and lose ALL my photos and videos because I cannot save them onto the micro SD card I placed in the phone and the tech at the "Service and repair" shop told me  there isn't an option to do this on the S3.   Ringer comes back, but lack of signal still plauges me.

In frustration, I head to a kiosk in the mall near my job. (The guys here need a raise!!! Seriously they were awesome!)  I end up leaving with 2 new lines of service for internet access.  A week goes by, service even on the internet is sucky.... but better than my cell. Last night my cell phone got lost.  Now I pay $11/mo for replacement insurance on my phone.  After searching high and low for the phone, I resign myself to going to the sprint corporate "service and repair" store.   I walk in with a simple request, I need my phone replaced.  I pay for the replacement insurance and I know there is a deductible I need to pay. Instead of getting a phone, I am handed a business card and told "call this number" they will file a claim and ship you a new phone.  WHAT??????????  didn't I just tell you I don't have a phone????     Not only that but I have to WAIT for a phone to be shipped to me.... so you are telling me that if my disabled son goes into anaphalactic shock and I need to meet him at the hospital, I'm going to have to wait till they SHIP me a new phone to find out??? WTF am I paying nearly $150/year for.  Combine that with the $150 deductible and I have $300 to buy another phone outright and have it that day.  He suggested I just buy a cheap phone to "tide me over till the new on got here." So now I have to pay $200 for another phone, plus my deductible of $150, PLUS those premiums I've paid???  I walked out telling him I'm done.  20 minutes later I walked back in and canceled the 2 lines of service I established last week.  HE SENT ME TO THE KIOSK WHERE I BOUGHT THEM!!!!!!!!  Another 10 minute drive and more gas. 

Needless to say, I have bought a pre-paid ATT phone. Canceled the 2 lines of service I had established recently and will be soon canceling my main line of service.   I cannot believe the way this situation was handled at a sprint corporate store.  I can't believe that sprint would treat its customers with such disgrace.  Customer service is just that customer service, it's a convienince for THEM that THEY PAY FOR!!!!  Assurion my be your claims people, but I assure you will lose more customers just like me if the service isn't upgraded and coverage isn't improved and if you continue to inconvinience your customers.   I'd rather pay ATT $100 a month for my service and actually have a phone I can use, when I need it. 

Thank you,

In the near future a former Sprint Customer who will NEVER be back


Re: Down grade in service means lost long time customer

I too am leaving Sprint for similar but slightly different reasons.  I've been a customer since 2000.  After 12 years, I'm fed up.

Sprint was fine (for me) when all I wanted to do was talk and text.  I get pretty respectable coverage in San Antonio (for talking and texting), and a decent discount for being a federal employee.

However, now that smart phones are pretty much the standard, I FINALLY upgraded from talk and text to an Evo back in 2010 I think it was, whenever the first Evo 4G came out.  Sprint charges an extra $10 a month to have these smart phones because they say we'll use more data, even if we're already on an unlimited data plan.

Well tell me this, how am I supposed to use more data when the data speeds are compete crap?  I get maybe 0.5mbps down on 3G if I'm lucky, and 1.2mbps down on 4G (when I can even get a freaking 4G signal).  All my friends have another carrier's phones, won't say which carrier here, and they're getting 7-8mbps download speeds on their 4G LTE.  How is it that my 4G Wimax is 1/5th as fast data speed wise as their LTE?  I know sprint is supposed to be moving to LTE, but I have very little faith their coverage will be that good considering their 4G coverage is so piss poor.

Even the 3G data speeds are much, much faster on that other carrier than they are on Sprint.

So you're going to charge me extra because I have a smartphone even though I can't hardly use your data because a single, simple web page takes 2 minutes to load?  Bite me sprint, you just lost a LONG time customer.

I'm either going to switch companies after 12 years with sprint and get a Galaxy S3 on that other LTE network, or I'm going to say to hell with smartphones all together and go back to a talk and text only plan with one of the no-contract companies and a cheap flip phone. 

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