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Down payments?


Down payments?

I'm on I phone forever lease, started with the iphone 6. As soon as I started the lease I was upgrade eligible and my down payment for the iphone 6s 64GB was only $50 at one time. Then I noticed about 6 months ago that suddenly changed now my down payment for a 6s 64GB is $175 for a iphone 7 its $250 and for a galaxy s7 its $250?!?!?! What the [inappropriate word removed]happened I've called customer service several times and no one can tell me why this has changed so much. How can you just change a down payment so much when I signed up for the iphone forever lease the store rep told me I would have little to NO down payment for the next gen Iphone, well that was a lie for sure. My iphone 6 is in perfect condition, doesn't that count for anything? I was lied to by sprint's rep and no one can even explain this to me when I call in or care that I was lied to?


Re: Down payments?


Hello there!

The down payment may vary depending on your credit class. You can view all the monthly charges/down payments in our site by the shop section. Click here to be directed. All the prices are accurate. Just click on "good credit", "building credit", or "no credit check". If you need help or clarification, let us know and we will look into this for you.

Michael C

Sprint Social Care

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