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Dropped Calls & Texts! Anderson, SC


Dropped Calls & Texts! Anderson, SC

I've experienced many dropped calls and rejected texts today.  I have performed multiple PRL updates and still no improvement.  My wife has experienced the same issues.  We both have Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices and at both our home and work location experience horrible voice and data service.  Calls take 20-45 seconds to connect and then within 20-30 seconds into call the call is "Lost".  Attempts to reconnect result in the same results.  I can't call Sprint customer service because we do not have a home phone. 

Two weeks ago my wife and I began to notice a huge decrease in coverage in our area and called Sprint customer service.  Their response was that the local towers were being updated to 4G LTE and that it would be completed on or by 5/25/2013-05/26/2013.  Since then we have experienced decreased voice and data coverage.  My wife is currently pregnant, and I wasn't able to successfully make a call to her today and am very concerned.  I am frustrated because we are not getting the service we are paying for and in addition our data speeds are much lower than advertised.

I would at a minimum, like credits on my account, but my larger concern is service going forward.  Aside from our voice calls now not being completed, I also have issues with data speeds.  Within the last 24 hours, my average data speeds have been 103 Kbs while my phone has read it is receiving 3G data.  Up to this point I have been a happy Sprint customer. 


Re: Dropped Calls & Texts! Anderson, SC

Thank you for your post and we apologize for the service issues you're having.  I noticed there was a cell-site outage recently that was repaired and I suggest you power cycle your device.  Turn device off and turn it back on after a minute.  This will reset device.  If that doesn't work please provide your zip code and cross streets so I can try look at the nearest towers to you.  Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. - Christopher

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