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Early Upgrade


Early Upgrade

I talked with Customer Service and she told me I could do an early upgrade for 45 bucks. I currently have a BB and want to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. I am having problems with my battery and cant even use my phone. It will be cheaper to do the early upgrade than to buy a new battery, but I am still not 100% sure on everything. From what I understand, I can pay 45 bucks and it will take from 24-48 hours to be able to upgrade. I guess I can expect to pay the same I am now on my bill with an additional $10.00 for the data plan. I am just confused on how much I will have to pay for the phone itself. I don't really know how upgrades work, and don't feel comfortable doing it by phone. Any help would be much appreciated!


Please private message me your phone number and the security answer to your account or the pincode and I will check your early upgrade elligibility and find out everything I can for you so you wont have to call in for the information.


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