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Employee Discount Program


Employee Discount Program

I'm contacting you because I have a problem with the ACS discount being removed from my account in Oct. or Nov....I have had that discount from day one of doing business with Sprint, which has been many years now.  I'm currently employed with Wells Fargo and have applied for the employee discount today.  Is it possible to adjust my account to show that I was always entitled to an employee discount.  Also I have never paid an upgrade fee but because the discount was removed you are charging me $36.00.  Please verify that employee discount is active and effective today and  let me know what can be done about this situation.   Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Re: Employee Discount Program


Thank you so much for the post, I'm happy to help! We are so glad that you were able to request your new employee discount to begin receiving your new service discount and benefits. Did you receive and respond to the verification e-mail sent after requesting your discount? This is a vital step to ensure your discount is properly added. I'll be happy to verify your discount for you, however, if the request was just submitted today it may not show up right away. A request is processed within 2-5 days, and if approved the discount will be applied in 1-2 billing cycles. If after the process time you'd like me to check please send me a private message with your phone #, pin and I'd be happy to check.


To answer your question about upgrade fees, not all discounts are the same. Some discounts do waive these fees but others do not. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo employee discount does not waive upgrade or activation fees.


I hope this information helps!



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