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Error Code 34 after Samsung update


Error Code 34 after Samsung update


I am currently having an issue with my Galaxy SIII after a system update. I receive a "Code 34, network not responding" message when I send a text. After turning off and restart my phone, all the text messages that had been sent to me during the day show up. 10 minutes after the phone restart, I am unable to text again and I get the Code 34 message again.  I have updated my PRL and Profile to no avail.  I am not able to text or call out, but I still have data available to surf the internet.

Is there an issue with the tower in my area.  The major intersection near my house is Saxon Blvd and Normandy Blvd. in Deltona FL, 32725. 

Thank you...


Re: Error Code 34 after Samsung update

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your service concerns and for posting your location.  I've taken a look at the area and the servicing tower to Saxon & Normandy is currently down, tower located near Saxon & Finland.  Tower was first alert on 3/1, our network teams are engaged on this matter and are working with vendors to bring the site back up.  Currently the Estimated Repair Time is set for 3/9, which is subject to change depending on network progress.  If you're in other areas, such as a different zipcode are you still unable to make calls and text?  Hang in there.


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