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Error in Billing - going on 5 months


Error in Billing - going on 5 months

I ordered a phone back in Dec and when I checked on the tracking info, I found that the address that the phone was to be shipped to was wrong. I contacted sprint and after speaking to 5 ppl, nothing was resolved and I was to cancel the order. But of course, I am still being charged for the phone (even though I got a phone from Apple) and the rep who I last spoke to could see that the serial numbers didn't match.

I was told that they would fix this and it is now April and i am still charged for a phone i don't have.


Can someone please help?? I have been a customer for 15 years and I am at my wits end with the level of service offered by Sprint.


SSAVARIMUTHU12, I can help you with that. Please reply to the private message I sent you.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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