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Every call lost, Can't send Text for a Week - Sprint Tower STILL down??!?!?


Every call lost, Can't send Text for a Week - Sprint Tower STILL down??!?!?

I haven't been able to use my cell-phone (text or calls), for a week now.

I went from full bars and no problem, to no service for basically a full week.  

4 days ago I was told the tower would be fixed that day around 8pm... it wasn't.  
I was then told to wait 24 hours and it would be fixed... it wasn't.

I called 2 days ago and spoke to a rep that said it was being fixed as we spoke and the service would return by 7pm that night... it wasn't.

So on three occasions, I was given a specific time of the day at which the tower would be "fixed", but nothing has happened at all and it is still as bad as ever, a week later.

Not trying to complain per-say... but

ANY Update on this????!?!?   Please.

My previous post from 5 days ago:

I've had Sprint for years and it's been fine in my area; however, in the last 5 days or so I can't use my phone (my wife can't use hers either).

  • The amount of "bars" I have, changes almost every second, drastically.  I'll have 5,1,4,0,5,0,5,0,5,1,0,1 ... literally changing 60 times a minute.
  • 90% of calls are dropped / lost.  If I can get a call to go through the other person can't understand me then it is inevitably dropped within a minute.
  • When I try to send a text 50% of the time I get a red "X" and the text will not go through.
  • The up and down arrows on the upper right of my display, near the service bars (data being sent?) are showing / flashing constantly.  As if the phone is constantly trying to do... something.

I can't even call the Sprint Customer Service number (catch-22 here).   I just tried 15 times in a row and all 15 were LOST.

I've tried many a battery pull on both phones.   I've had a rep refresh both phones and updated my network.

Is it just the towers?   ZIP CODE is 32708.

Cross Streets would be: 17-92 and State Road 434. 


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