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Extremely SLOW in San Diego County - anyone else?


Extremely SLOW in San Diego County - anyone else?

I have had the new iPhone for a couple of weeks now, and occasionally I experience extreme slowness, even when connected to WiFi. I can't download my emails, and it eventually times out saying "Offline", which I am not. It takes hours to download a small app, and I can't connect to Facebook or upload photos. When I am not connected to WiFi, it's even worse. Is there an outage in San Diego? I never had issues like this with my HTC EVO, and I thought the iPhone was supposed to be better! Even without the 4G LTE (which I REALLY wish we had) I expected to at least be able to connect to the internet on my awesome new phone.


Re: Extremely SLOW in San Diego County - anyone else?

Yes, I just switched to the iphone from an EVO a few days ago. Every now and then it just won't download anything/send or receive texts/etc. I never had this problem with my Evo. Going to take it back in a few days if it persists I guess. If it's their shitty network I may just have to pay the extra money and switch to Verizon.

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