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Final Bill - No refund policy


Final Bill - No refund policy

I recently left Sprint to find that they auto billed my credit card for a full monthly bill, when I was only with Sprint for 1 week of the billing period.  When I spoke with customer service... they told me it is their policy to not issue refunds to customers who have ported away from Sprint.  I am pretty laid back and dont frequently get worked up about stuff... but I just dont understand how Sprint feels they are justified to bill me for services they they did not provide. 

My adivse... look elsewhere for wireless service.  I moved myself to MetroPCS and was pleased... and moved my wife to a Verizon plan that she loves. 

Best of Luck... Brad


Re: Final Bill - No refund policy

Hello BSWARMER, thanks for posting. Although you've left, we definitely do not want to leave a bad impression on you. Let's see if we can take a closer look at your issue. Please email us at Include your name, Sprint phone number, security information (PIN or security question answer), your Sprint Community name, and a briefing of the issue. We can communicate with you directly in an effort to help.  I'll review your account in an effort to help. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team

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