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Finally, Great Customer Service!!!!!


Finally, Great Customer Service!!!!!

The saying goes, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get a prince." Well, this has been true for me!!

I was about ready to give up on this company and the majority of poor customer service representatives that I have encountered from the very beginning of service in June of 2010.

I have been denied a full port-in credit rebate from the start.The website clearly showed the discount that was being offered yet the supervisor on the other end said there wasn't valid. I volunteered to send an email photo of the flyer and a picture of the webpage to prove the facts. I was told I couldn't and the person said they couldn't pull up the website. This is extremely hard to believe coming from a company that should be based on the cutting edge of technology!

I discovered my employee discount was never activated after being a customer for one year and a half

I was lied to by a customer service representative that stated my phone didn't work due to a horrible weather situation with a cell tower along with a myriad of fabricated mumbo jumbo when actually the phone only needed to be reset on their end. I was horrified to think I could be without service for several weeks due to the incident and I was still going to have to pay my bill regardless of whether I had service or not!!!

That is just some of the misfortune that I have encountered. Needless to say, I am weary of it all.

So when I got put on hold endlessly, I figured last Saturday would be no different. I signed up for upgrades for my two phones and wanted to ensure my discount would apply. I had invested two hours of my life at this point with a vast run around and having to tell my story time and time again to no avail until...

I hung up from a fifteen minute hold time (where I knew no one was going to pick back up on their end). When I called back for the third time it was a CHARM!!!

I wasn't totally sold as I went through my nightmare once again. But I spoke to Valencia, and she was very understanding and listened to me tell my tale. She then proceeded to communicated the details to her manager, Michael Edmonds, who ultimately related it to his supervisor, Tenisha. I was told I would get a call back from the supervisor and I didn't expect it to happen. In the meantime, I called again to see who else I might get a hold of because the call back was not received at the time that was given so I was giving up hope.

I then spoke to a Nicholas, who seemed to genuinely be concerned about my issues. I had to relate it all again to him. I asked him why I should go through this again with him. He assured me, he would get it in the works to be resolved. I sort of believed him and boy was I scammed!!!!! I have his employee ID number is he gave me a correct number.

I shouldn't have been so quick to assume the Charlotte North Carolina trio were of the same cloth as all the others I had dealt with!!!

I received a very professional call back from Tenisha and she was very thorough in handling my case. I gave her all the details and she promised to follow up with me on Monday, February 11 just as Nicholas did. I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if either would call back.

Nicholas still hasn't been heard from!!! But I got a call back from Tenisha at 6 o'clock and I was not able to answer so I wondered if she would try to call back. To my disbelief, she called back!!!!

These Three Hardworking Honest People Made me very thankful to have renewed faith in a major corporation!!! I was beginning to question if Sprint valued any of their loyal and responsible customers? I was getting the impression that Sprint was a money hungry business that was ruthless and unethical in their practices.

I had spoken to Tenisha and she said that if I supplied my validation for my employee discount she would be able to handle the issue from that point. I let her know what I was told by a previous customer service representative and I stated that I want the company to honor what was told to me.

I had received differing information concerning my issues from all the previous people. It was a huge headache!!

Tenisha cleared it all up and made it all right and set it all straight as much as she could within her power. The whole time I was treated with dignity and respect from the Trio, Valencia, Michael and Tenisha. I am very grateful for their service which goes above and beyond when some many others chose to disregard me as a number.

I hope they will be commended by their employer for valuing me as a person who part of bigger whole. We the people are the entire reason they are in business!!

Unfortunate as it seems that the phone companies have to resort to this impersonal handling of their bread and butter due to the fact that there is a large majority of people who will keep them on the phones asking for something for nothing as is quite the evident in the similarities of the present healthcare system. Too many who are responsible individuals must suffer for the misdeeds of ones who don't or won't pay their bills on time if at all.

I hope this helps and please keep in mind, not all of Sprints employees are cut from the same cloth. There are the rare exceptions such as Valencia , Michael and Tenisha from Charlotte, North Carolina!!!!

May God Bless You in your persistence of doing the right thing !!! I genuinely appreciate your efforts!!!!


Re: Finally, Great Customer Service!!!!!

I must add, I was prepared to get the contact number of several (more like all) district managers and who ever else that held high authority, but instead I am pleased I was able to use my time to be positive.

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