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HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response


HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

I will start this post by saying that up until this week I have been very happy with Sprint. I love the prices, service in our area has been satisfactory and the help at the nearby Sprint store has been wonderful. I have overlooked a few things the past two years such as purchasing an Evo during the first month it was released and STILL waiting for 4g service in our area but again, overall, I have been very happy.

This week while on vacation in Wisconsin, I noticed my Evo 4g was not charging when I plugged in the USB cable. I took the phone in to the nearest Sprint Store (45 minute away) where they kept the phone. I called back a few hours later and they said they were done. When I drove back out there to pick up what I thought was a working phone they informed me that the USB connection was completely disconnected and that  they could not fix it and that I would have to file an insurance claim. I thanked them for their time and went home.

Once home I looked up the problem and realized that this is a fairly widespread problem with the HTC Evo 4g. I called Asurion and they informed me they would be happy to replace my phone once I paid the $100 deductable. This makes me very angry for a few reasons. First of all, if I had dropped the phone and broke the screen than yes, I would be at fault and I'd be happy to pay the deductable. However, I have not abused this phone. I have to plug it in frequently, but I am very careful to make sure that it is plugged in correctly. Secondly, the repair people at both stores that I went to informed me that they wish they had the authority to fix this. They said it does happen frequently and that they are not allowed to fix it. Anything that they can fix, is done without me paying another dime as I have insurance. However, because they cannot fix this I have to pay more money on top of the $7 a month I have been paying for well over a year for the phone. And the piece that needs to be replaced, I have found for sale for very little, (one website was selling the USB connector for the Evo 4g for literally 49 cents). So for a 49 cent piece of hardware I have to pay $100?

I spent roughly 2 hours on the phone with Sprint going in circles. Finally they called HTC and set up a ticket with them for me telling me that my phone is under warranty and that they would fix it. Sounds GREAT! I just have to call HTC.

Well, here is HTC's warranty pitch in a nutshell. 1. You have to pay to send the phone. 2. Once they receive it they will take the whole phone apart and look for everything that is broken - not just the part that I am reporting as broken. Anything that they find broken that is still under warranty they will fix for free and then send the phone back on their dime. However, if they find something that is not under warranty due to abuse then they will let me know how much it cost to fix the non-warranteed part. The example they gave is the USB connector is under warranty but if it broke away from the motherboard (which I am sure it did) due to "abuse" than they would fix the USB connector for free but charge me $240 for a new motherboard. If I chose not to have it fixed, they would then charge me $35 to send the phone back. This whole process would most likely take 2-3 weeks and you will not have a phone this entire time. Essentially, they are saying we might fix it for free but you also might get stuck with a much larger bill than the $100 Asurion deductable and you won't have a phone so why would you even consider sending the phone to us.

So, because of a faulty design by HTC I am now being stuck with another $100 charge to have it fixed. I have purchased my LAST HTC product and I informed Sprint that if I have to pay the $100 deductable that this will be my last Sprint contract. I am up in June and since I am not a super heavy data user I will be OK without unlimited data.

Mostly I am astonished that Sprint would not do more for me. I have been a customer since 2005. I have used my insurance once before this year and that was my fault. I have convinced my other family members to join Sprint and some of my colleagues as well. We have never paid a bill late and I would think that since my wife ad I live up to our contracts and pay bills and don;t try to get a zillion freebies, that we are the type of customers that Sprint wants to retain. However, they have made it very clear today that we are not important so I will take my business elsewhere.

Looking forward to having 4g service this coming summer with another company.

Sprint Employee

HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

hello lastcall98, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. first I do want to be clear in saying that while your charger port is not working, it is not necessarily going to be covered by warranty as to mentioned after talking to HTC, often the port is damaged while people are using/talking on their phone while it's connected to a charger, if the store had inspected the phone and had determined that the port was damaged through abnormal wear they may have made this decision based on the port, or leads to the port being bent. if you disagree with there decision and have TEP then perhaps going into a different sprint owned service and repair center may allow you to have the phone evaluated, and they can give you some detail about how they came to their determination.

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HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

I very much appreciate your repsonse.

I have taken my phone to two stores. Neither store told me that I had abused it. Both told me that because the USB connector is broken, they cannot fix it and that I must file an insurance claim for a replacement phone. One store even said that they have seen this problem frequently and that they wish they were allowed to fix it.

To your response, I am not sure how talking/using your phone while it is plugged in constitutes abnormal wear. Given the battery life of the EVO - especially before the Gingerbread update, the only way I would be able to use it is while it is plugged in. I have a charger at work, a charger in my car, and two chargers at home.  I purchased the phone to use - not a decoration for my desk while it is charging. I always take care to plug it in correctly. I do not force it in in case I might be trying to plug it in upside down.

If a phone is under warranty with the manufacturer, it shouldn't be a gamble on whether I can save some money on the deductable by sending it in to HTC or whether they will find something else wrong and find a way to charge me over twice the price of the deductable or even $35 to do nothing. In my opinion, Sprint needs to fix this as well as this makes Sprint look bad.

As I said, I have paid my deductable and expect my replacement phone tomorrow. Once my contract is up in June, I am out unless Sprint finds a way to give me my hundred dollars back. I am happy to pay more for customer service. I am not happy being ripped off because of a faulty design. I will find a phone company that tries to make it's customers happy, even if it costs more. And I will purchase a product from a manufacturer that stands behind its warranty.

Sprint Employee

HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

To speak to your concerns I would like to make clear that the phone does have a 1 year warranty, the warranty is offered and fulfilled by, and through HTC Corporation. if the port shows no signs of physical damage, and you know that the port was not damaged in this fashion then you have nothing to fear, and I would not consider a warranty claim a "gamble" We tend to mention multiple scenarios since most posts rarely include enough detail for a person to make an absolute determination of the problem. which stores did you go to that said they could not help you? perhaps you'd be willing to send me a private message and I can look a bit closer. BTW next time you talk/use the phone while it's plugged in take a look at the cable and how it's applying pressure against the charger port.

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HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

Again I appreciate your response.

Both stores that I took the phone to told me that Sprint considered what had happened to the phone "abuse". So even though the phone is under warranty, and even though I know that I did not abuse the phone, I don;t really have a leg to stand on. Why would I send it in to HTC since they had already said, if the USB Connector is pulled away from the motherboard, tht would cost me $240 to fix because that damage was not under warranty. I can find numerous examples of this happening to people. But since Sprint or HTC is able to say the fault is mine and not the design, then yes, it is a gamble to send it in. Even if they do nothing to phone I still get to pay them $35 to get the phone back on top of the $100 deductible. Plus this phone is my ONLY means of communication. The 2-3 week wait is simply not acceptable. I am able to afford my smart phone because we downsized other things like the land line. We have become quite dependant on the phone.

To answer your question, I went to two stores both corporate owned and both have repair centers. One was in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and one was in Rio Rancho, new Mexico. Both stores said they could not fix it and that I had to file an insurance claim. The Rio Rancho store said that they wish they were allowed to fix this because they see it so frequently. They even gave me the number the of Sprint customer Service and told me to call them and try to convince them that this should be covered by Sprint, not by Asurion.

I am not sure there really is anything else to do. I paid the deductible and received my new Evo today - although the haptic feedback and the lights on the 4 buttons do not work. I am disappointed that I even need to argue with Sprint given that this seems to be a wide spread problem. Just perusing the forums on Sprint's very own website shows that I am far from being a unique case. I am very careful with my phone as I am with all of my electronic devices. There is not one instance that I can think of where I could have caused the USB damage to my phone. However, the cord sticks in it very tightly. I carefully pull out the cord every single time. I never come close to stretching the cord or placing a strain on teh USB connector. 

I made my case to Sprint Customer service and they have chosen to fault me so fine, I will go to another place that does not fault their customers when the design should be blamed.

Today I had the opportunity to share my story with a potential customer, one who was looking to switch from another service to Sprint and move from Blackberry to an HTC Android device. After hearing my story, he decided to stay with his current service and stear clear from HTC.

I am sorry I did not privately message you RC1024, but I am new to these forums and could not figure out how.

Thank you for your time.



Sprint Employee

HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

Hello Jonathan, I can attest that a small number of Evo users have been affected by this, HTC makes the most durable, best looking, and highest performing android phones in the world. you should also be aware that the Warranty is offered and fulfilled by HTC, as an exception if you have Total Equipment replacement Program or Equipment Service & Repair Program the store may repair or replace devices that do not have physical damage. If you still would like to send a private message to me click my Icon, then click Send private message on the right, I would like to look into this for you.

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HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

This exact same situation is happening to us right now. Its been takin two 2 stores and they won't fix it! We are not happy because we have been with sprint 10 years and this is a manufacturers defect!!!!


Re: HTC Evo 4g USB Connector and Sprint's / HTC response

mtpepsi and lastcall98,

I am sorry for your poor experiences.

If you would like me have my contacts at corporate headquarters investigate these stores, please private message me by clicking on my icon. On the right side in the Actions section there is a link to Private Message me. I will let you know what additional data I need to pass on to them.



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