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HTC Evo Texting Problems


HTC Evo Texting Problems

My HTC Evo has been working great for a while now, but today it decides to screw up on me. I don't get any calls all day, and then I call my voicemail and reload texts from hours before then. I have to call someone or my voicemail before my texts show up. How can I fix this? I've updated everything, restarted my phone several times, removed the battery and i dunno what else to do!


Re: HTC Evo Texting Problems

More than likely this is a network problem based on your location.

Where, what  specific location? The best possible idea is to use a business address very near your location – and let us know if you are North or South etc from that location – and approximately how far from it.  With that information we can  look up the cell sites closest to you and see if they have experienced  any outages, or if tickets have already been submitted for them and post the current status.  We discourage putting your actual address in for privacy reasons. If this is happening everywhere it could be device related.



Re: HTC Evo Texting Problems

I'm not sure what a lot of that means, but I'm from Plainfield, Illinois. My dad is getting texts rather slow as well, but he doesn't have to call anything to get his texts just wait a long time.

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