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HTC one Pre-order nightmare


HTC one Pre-order nightmare

Turns out you really won’t be able to get your HTC ONE “before others get a glimpse on Friday April 19,” as they say on the web page. The supervisor I talked to about the back order was very upset with me and told me that even though it said plainly that I could get the phone before April 19 on the web site she said I could only get the phone on the day of release. Because Sprint does not have the phone at the warehouse she would not grantee I could even get it on Friday the 19th.

Also the person sold me the wrong otter box to go with the phone I don’t have.  To return it I have to drive 15 miles one way to a sprint store.  So don’t bother with the preorder.

Oh and my favorite line from here was that, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” when I said that selling me a phone on pre order that they didn’t have and could not meet the terms on their web site was false advertizing. 

See the attachment.



Thanks for your Community post. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this issue may have caused you. I am happy to assist you further. The site advise the our best will be done to get you a glimpse of the device before others on Friday April 19, and that is absolutely what will be done. In the event you've recently placed an order, until a tracking number is provided, we are unable to advise definitely what date the device will be delivered. As for the incorrect case that you were sold, if you would rather return said case instead of going to the store, we will send you a return kit so that said item may be returned via mail back to us.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team


I pre-ordered last week and haven't received a shipment notification, so I chatted with someone from support.

Got told that shipments would go out on Friday. So basically those that pre-ordered get screwed because we have to wait until next week then to get our phone, whereas anyone who just goes to a sprint store could just pick one up on Friday. Very, very frustrating.


fuck this. i pre-ordered two weeks ago and have been counting down the days. ive been a sprint customer for 4 years and a loyal htc fan since the htc touch diamond. if i dont get my ONE by or before friday, a FAT fucking law suit is in play.


I tried returning to the store. That has been a failure so far. I have to talk to the store manager it seems and she is only there for a few minutes in the morning I am told. I was also told that apparently I am not smart enough to look at the front of the box the case and see that it is for and HTC EVO. Further I am not smart enough to look at a picture of the back of the HTC One and see that the LED flash is on the left of the camera and then look at the case and see the hole for the flash is on the right.  It would be nice to have someone from the Sprint mother ship to confirm to their own customer service and the Sprint corporate store in Beckley WV that the HTC EVO 4GLTE OB DEFENDER does not fit the HTC One.


What makes matters worse is that ATT customers got shipment notices Monday and Tuesday and are scheduled to receive their phones today, plus they received a free HTC Media Link with preorder....Way to drop the ball Sprint!  We get the phone after the release date and pay full price with no bonus.


I’m sure Sprint’s lawyer s are well able to defend against any suit we customers might bring. It might be worthwhile to make this misrepresentation famous in various parts of the internet starting April 20.


I also place a pre-order but was told that if I did not receive a tracking notice by 4/16 5pm to cancel the order because it was not likely I would receive it by 4/19.  I am now on a short list at my Sprint store to pick up the HTC One on Friday.  No use in throwing around the threat of a lawsuit - they clearly stated they would "do their best" to get the phone in your hands by 4/19 or earlier.

Frustrating that I am now working on getting my eligibility re-instated but I am confident it will be resolved.


Exactly !

We hemmorage $$$ to pay full price, taxes, activation.

and wirefly,newegg, and others are selling it for <$130 some cases without tax.

H@ll i signed up as soon as the preorder webpage was online!

Even before HTC offered the free case...

before Tmobile offered their deal..

and ATT offered the free dock.

I've been paying for 4G since the original EVO was released...

wow 50K down and 500K up... whooopdeedooo. that will be $20 extra per month for two phones.

I HONESTLY would have canceled my sprint order and purchased thru another vendor saving hundreds of dollars ( i bought two phones ).

but it was too much grief to reinstate & reimburse.

If sprint cant deliver the phone via fedex on April 19th... this is a FAIL for them.


Wow so they told you to cancel your pre order and just pick up from the store? Thats insane, why offer a preorder if they can't deliver to their customers on time? Thats just crazy now you have to beg and plead for your upgrade back because THEY messed up.  Customer service at Sprint is INSANE!


Finally I think I have the case problem solution. Theresa Cox, manager of the Beckley WV Spring Corporate store tells me they have the proper case for the HTC One and will do an exchange for me.

Now I  wonder if I will ever actually get the phone to go into the case.


I just posted a comment on Sprint's Facebook wall tagging HTC and HTC One asking the questions that you guys are asking...I'm curious too because I also pre ordered....I also posted a direct link to this forum

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