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Having Second Thoughts about the decision to switch to Sprint!


Having Second Thoughts about the decision to switch to Sprint!

I switched to Sprint last week after being a loyal customer of another carrier for past 8 years. I live in Dallas/ForthWorth area and according to Sprint, the coverage is "excellent". After a week of using a brand new smart phone with Sprint, I am yet to see a consistent 4g coverage, and a 3g network that "works". I have used my phone all around the metroplex and the inconsistent signal has really frustrated me. Don't even know what LTE looks like. But I can still live with that as long I can make uninterrupted voice calls. Well, to my disappointment, I hardly receive any signal inside my apartment. I mostly get one bar signal out of six and no bars at all sometimes. Outdoor reception has not been that bad. Well, I am having a hard time making phone calls and sending text messages while at home. Dropped calls and broken voice are so frequent.

And when I call the customer service to talk about this, the Satisfaction Manager suggests me that I should switch back to my old carrier because "he" "thinks" Sprint is not the right carrier for me. Then he gives me the option of purchasing AIRAVE for a price of 129.99. REALLY SPRINT? First, you tell me how great Sprint's coverage is and lure me to switch to you and now after I become your customer, you suggest me to switch back to my old carrier instead of trying to solve the problem? And If AIRAVE is the solution to my problem, do you really expect me to pay a fee for that? Pay an extra fee to receive a stronger reception so that I can use my phone and your network to make calls? WOW


Re: Having Second Thoughts about the decision to switch to Sprint!


  Please take my advice; DROP SPRINT!!! Read my posts.  I've been with them for 10 + years, and have never been as disgusted with the company as I have become over the last year.  Once your a paying customer, you have zero value in Sprint's eyes.  If you have the option to go back to your previous carrier, without breaking your contract, do so now.  You WILL NOT receive any customer service while with Sprint.  Again, read my blog.  It will explain.  Good luck to you.

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