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Help, need to enable/allow shortcode texting asap

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Help, need to enable/allow shortcode texting asap

Sprint Support, please help.


There needs to be a way, as individual users, to be able to toggle between allow & block (turn on, turn off) with online self service.


I have been trying to get access to my PayPal account, and had to add my new cell#.  That action results in a shortcode text being sent from their website to confirm the cell#.  After several attempts to have PayPal resend the text, it dawned on me that it was not a PayPal problem, but an issue related to my Sprint service.


Please help asap.


Thank you in advance.


Re: Help, need to enable/allow shortcode texting asap

I am having the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3.  I can't send or receive Short Text to or from any communicator.  I have called about it several times.  No one seems to know what the problem is.  I went through the steps again it still isn't giving me the option to "Allow" Shortcode text only say's I can add numbers to block.   Short code is the new wave and its annoying that I can't access certain things (e.g. bank accounts, billing accounts, store sales etc.)  I never requested it to be  it be restricted on ALL/any text.  It worked on previous phones, and works on all other active phones I have.  This is the only one that it doesn't work with.  Help!!!!! I've had this phone now for a year and CAN'T get Short Text codes.


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Re: Help, need to enable/allow shortcode texting asap

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