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I am writing to rant my very awful experience with Sprint from the very beginning and up to this point as we speak! I switched to Sprint from Tmobile (for 7yrs) just to avail of iphone 5 last October 2012 to be able to connect with family outside the country thru Facetime. Lots of lies heard from customer service until I realized after 3 days of using Sprint service that they really can't support Facetime for Iphone 5 since they only have 3G and not LTE. In short, I decided to return 2 iphone 5 (I cancelled services- ported phone numbers to verizon) that i ordered including the car charger and ordered 2 new iphone 5 (same as what I returned to Sprint) and car charger from Verizon. Unfortunately, after several calls/ follow ups made to get my refund, Sprint told me that only 1 iphone 5 was showing in the system from the warehouse and they can only refund 1 iphone 5. I asked if they can investigate further on my case why only 1 iphone 5 has been recorded since I returned two iphone 5 and Sprint knows that I cancelled services and to return 2 iphone 5 and car charger as agreed with the customer service. My calls to Sprint to follow up has been a waste of time and was such a horrible experience everytime..  transferred to different customer service, on hold for such a long time, then they hung up. I asked for return calls but no one would return my calls.. it is very frustrating to get my money back and for Sprint staff to help me find the other iphone 5 so I can get my refund. I called UPS(advised by Mr. fairbrother of Sprint finance dept) and verified if the package was damaged when they deliver it to Sprint but UPS said it was intact and received by a Sprint staff named OTTO. No one would help me investigate further so I can get what's is fair and just for me since i have mailed back the 2 iphone 5 as agreed. I have the serial numbers etc.. for both Iphone 5 and I believe that Sprint can help me find and solve this problem if they want to.. BUT NO ONE WOULD HELP ME TO INVESTIGATE FURTHER on WHAT HAPPENED AND WHERE DID THE OTHER IPHONE 5 WENT. IS THERE ANY CAMERA IN YOUR WAREHOUSE WHEN YOUR STAFF OPEN THE RETURN PACKAGE?? I feel so helpless and cheated by Sprint! I bought the 2 iphone 5 from my hard earned money and I deserve to get the refund but nobody wants to help from SPRINT! I spoke with Mr. Fairbrother of Finance department but he said he can't do anything about it. WHY? Can you not check it with your warehouse and track everything? You can access everything if you want to. I hope that no one would experience what I had experience with Sprint. I will never recommend Sprint to anyone! I will always talk about this horrible experience until I get my full refund which is just right and fair for me! I still hope and pray that somebody from sprint will help me solve my case.

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