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Horrible Customer Service - Before Phone Was Even Activated


Horrible Customer Service - Before Phone Was Even Activated

I recently signed up for a 2-year contract with Sprint through Amazon Wireless (I got the Galaxy S3). Everything on Amazon's part went smoothly, as usual. The problems started when I got my S3 and called Sprint to activate my phone. Here is a breakdown of what happened:

  • I call Sprint to port my existing line to Sprint. In addition to providing them with all my ATT (previous carrier) info and listening to the Sprint rep read the script, I had to provide information to prove who I was for the credit check. After that process, I was told I passed and that I qualified for up to 5 lines and unlimited spending (whatever that means). At the end of the call Sprint provided me some info and told me that my phone will be activated within 24-48hrs. This call was 40 minutes long. A long call but not terrible.

  • Yesterday, I got 2 emails from Sprint and a phone call from what seemed to be an offshore Sprint Rep to tell me that I was rejected. Obviously I knew this was a mistake and asked them to re-check their file. The rep came back to say that he was sorry and that I was rejected. After about 10 minutes of trying to make the rep understand that I wanted to talk to someone in the credit check department he was able to connect me.

  • My conversation with the credit check manager revealed that the credit check rep from the previous night took the wrong information and that is why I was rejected. I then provided her the correct information and she immediately said that I was approved and apologized. Great right? Wrong...she then told me since I was rejected and that my order was cancelled and that I had no account with Sprint even though I had set it up the night before. She then told me I had to call Amazon since that order was cancelled as well.

  • I called Amazon and told them what happened and as they were transferring me to the appropriate department to handle my problem, I get another call from Sprint. I was curious why they were calling me and hung up on Amazon. I got the same offshore rep calling me back apologizing for the mistakes they made and told me my phone would be activated within 72hrs? Obviously this is contradicting what the credit manager told me so I asked him if I needed to call Amazon or if Sprint had my information and that they can activate my account. The rep told me they did have my info and that my account should be activated within 72hrs. Great right? Wrong!

  • A few hours later I get another email from Sprint, this time with good news that my phone was activated. I was happy until I saw the phone number they activated. They gave me a new number instead of porting over my line from ATT.

  • I call back Sprint and tell them that they were supposed to port my number from ATT. While talking to the Sprint rep I find out they don’t have any of the ATT information I had provided them the night before and had to get all my information again! Of course I am at work and don’t have access to this information for some reason and will have to call them back again after work.

  • Later on the evening I called Sprint to give them the information, but this Rep was great and handled the phone call professionally and quickly. The Rep told me that my phone will be activated in 24 to 48 hours. I still feel I should'nt have needed to provide this information and waste my time calling Sprint.

  • Today I got another call from Sprint, but this time it was in Spanish. Sprint made the horrible and in my opinion racist decision to call me in Spanish because I have a spanish name. I was at work and couldn't answer the call so it went to voicemail. Of course when I listened to the message, the Rep spoke so fast and unclear that I could not understand what she said.

  • I called Sprint back today and finally got my Att phone number ported and my phone activated.

I had not even used my Sprint phone yet and I already had a terrible experience with Sprint. When I switched from Verizon to Att a few years ago, this whole process was handled with one phone call. At this point I regret getting a contract with Sprint. I and other people who had to deal with this Customer Service should be compensated. I never thought I would say this, but I will be going back to Verizon or Att.


Re: Horrible Customer Service - Before Phone Was Even Activated

Just incase anyone can use this in their decision, after using the Sprint phone after it was activated, I was also very disappointed with the 3g speeds. I was getting anywhere from 20kbps, 60kbps(average) to a max of 1050kbps. Comparing those speeds with my Att speeds (I averaged 2.0Mbps to 3.5Mbps), the Sprint 3g is like dialup in my area (Pasadena, Ca). I was really hoping that the Sprint 3g would be usable.

Instead of dealing with more phone calls with Sprint I decided to go back to Att. They re-activated my account, put in the request to port my # back and I got my S3 as well. This could have been done in one phone call, but I gave them the wrong Sprint acct # (my fault). I called them back and gave them the correct Sprint Acct # and my phone was activated during the call. This whole process took less than 24hrs instead of a week like it did with Sprint.

There are some positives for Sprint. I never had to wait more than 30 seconds to get a person on the phone and all the Reps were very nice although not as organized. Even while I was getting frustrated, they kept calm and who can stay mad at someone who handles that well.

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