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Horrible Customer service!!


Horrible Customer service!!

Dear sprint, i have posted a few times on how horrible a time i had trying to cancel my service due to all the issues i have been having. Im not paying the fee to cancel something i have been paying for and have not received. I would like to obtain copies of my recorded calls to your company from the past 2 weeks. This is ridiculous that i have to go through all ths nonesense just to cancel a service your company cannot provide me. I want documentation of the information you have received about my reasons for calling and like i said those "recorded" calls. You have the rudest customer service and worst cell service i have ever dealt with. Im done playing these games with your company, this is beyond horrible!!!


Re: Horrible Customer service!!


Thank you for reaching out to us here on Community and providing us feedback in regards to your experience with our agents.  As per our policy when contacting us by phone, phone calls are randomly recorded for quality assurance purposes only.  This does not guarantee your conversations were recorded but we would be happy to review any incident(s) with an agent you may had to insure proper measures are taken.  What occurred during your conversation that led you to make this request?  What is it one particular agent or multiple?  What's going on with your services that you wish to cancel?  Please let us know we are here to help.

Sprint Social Care Team


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