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How Is Your Customer Service?


How Is Your Customer Service?

Having been with Sprint for 12 years I have seen Customer Service reach out to the people and really evolve.  In the past it seemed as though keeping the customer satisfied was the LAST priority of Sprint.  Now, looking for ways to say "yes" to the customer appears to have been made the number one mission for Sprint.  The support teams in billing and the technical personnel are empowered to make decisions to satisfy the family of cell phone users without multiple transfers.  Sprint now realizes that we, the users, do pay the bills.  They do listen to you and are willing to modify their practices to make them the best cell phone company on the market.  What are your experiences with Sprint?  Keep the conversation clean, concise and professional please.


How Is Your Customer Service?

That has been my experience as well (though we've only been Sprint customers for 30 days), however, as a business customer we have a Sprint account team and they are very receptive and responsive. 


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