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How can I *actually* get a resolution to this problem?


How can I *actually* get a resolution to this problem?

Hello I am a sprint customer of 13 years and greatly need help resolving this problem.

I have  a problem with the Upgrade that I have been trying to return since February 11th.  I've spoken to several (7) Customer Service reps to no avail.

I upgraded to an Evo Shift at the end of January, but by early February it became apparent that the phone was either problematic or broken and I wished to return it.  I have now spent several days and many many hours speaking to Customer Service representatives who keep promising a resolution, but who fail utterly on follow through.  The result is that I am now so displeased with Sprint Customer Service that I wish to terminate my contract after 13 years of being a Sprint Customer.   Please have someone serious from Customer Retention contact me as soon as possible.

On Feb 11th called CS spoke to Malone, phone not working, no internet or sattelite.  Malone explains that I will have to bring it in for someone to verify that it is not working, but that they can help me return it.

I let her know I want to return the phone, she says i wont' have to pay a restocking fee ($35)  and to bring it into a store in albany (where I was headed).

If they try to charge a restocking fee I should have them call CS as phone is clearly faulty.

Feb 18th I bring it into Sprint store  at 112 S Centerville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603 to return it, I am told by the tech that it is faulty, but that in order to return it I should call CS so that they will send me a package.

I call CS while at the store, on the store phone.  EXTREMELY RUDE CS agent refuses to send me package because I won't pay the 35$ restocking fee. I ask to speak to supervisor, supervisor will also not help, although she gets on the phone with the tech, who clearly tells her that the phone is faulty.. I can hear CS rep yelling at the tech.. I take the shop phone back only to be told several very unprofessional things by the CS supervisor. (I can not believe that Sprint has people working for it that use such language).  I inform the supervisor that I will not be speaking with her further and that I am appalled at her behavior.

I call back  (on the 18th) asking to speak to Customer Rentention, and am given Louis, explain the situation and he promises to send out the package so I can return the phone and waive the $35 restocking fee.

March 2 still have not received package to return phone, call CS again and speak with 3 different reps, on the last try speak with a rep in "customer retention" who swears that she will take care of me.. she also promises to call me back if we get disconncected.  After spending 27 min on the phone with her, she promises to take care of me and we do get disconnected, but she never calls back and I still do not have a package to return the phone.

At this point I can NOT believe that it has taken this amount of time and effort on my part to get a resolution.  I make $37 an hour. By my calculations given the amount of hours that I have spent trying to resolve this, Sprint owed ME $370.00.

I would like to send back this phone and terminate my contract, or have sprint upgrade me free to a working Palm Pre.


How can I *actually* get a resolution to this problem?

I am dealing with a Samsung Seek. I get no response when I send in complaints. I hate this company.


How can I *actually* get a resolution to this problem?

You know what really bothers me?  Have you read all the complaints in here...and Sprint does and says NOTHING?????  We have been waiting for a 72 hour "call back" on how they completely LIED and changed our plan and expect us to pay a rediculous bill...when we were suppose to get to keep our old plan...and no one calls.  I am sick of this also.  I wish you luck.  We are going to change companies after 10 years if they dont' do something right away. 

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