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How can I get my number back? It has risen from the dead.


How can I get my number back? It has risen from the dead.

Because of my job, I switched my phone number from one area code to the area code I was living/working in. 2 Months later, the job ended upexpectedly. I called and tried to get my old phone number back. I even purchased a new phone, adding a new line of service. I was told that my previous phone number was "dead". According to sprint, a dead phone number could never be retrieved, activated, nor assigned EVER AGAIN. Since I have previously experienced that different customer care operators have different answers, I called sprint several different times over the period of several months. One guy even said there was some FCC law(according to FCC, is BullHunky) preventing specific phone numbers be requested by clients(good thing no one would ever request such a number like 555-55B-OOBS for thier adult services company). Although no one could ever explain to me this "dead" number thing in a way that I was able to understand(why do I get calls for some guy named Bob that apparently used to have my phone number if phone numbers cannot be recycled?), the answer still remained the same, "Phone number requested is not available because it is dead. No one can ever have that number again. It's over. It cannot even be ported to another service provider". And, my real problem was that I kept expecting some kind of logical explaination.

When I had given up on ever getting my sprint phone number back(hey! this had been my phone number since 2001!), purely by accident, I discover that my "dead" phone number is alive and well. It has Risen! Rejoice!

The problem? Well, apparently, what was dead is now called "vanity" and can be assigned to a new customer, but cannot be assigned to any phone I have, nor any device I will purchase. I gave up asking how something just 2 months ago that had been dead, was now active. After several hours on the phone with sprint, being told yes, being told maybe, being transferred, disconnected, told my call would be returned, purchasing new phone(ordered on internet, received dead, actually dead), forwarded, etc... My final follow-up today of the latest unreceived call back from sprint:

Sprints new response is that I can port this once dead sprint number to any other service provider.... Just not sprint.

Really??!! It would be cheaper for me to stop services on all 4 lines on my account, pay termination fees, get 3 new phones (1/4 lines is not needed) with a different company and not be a sprint customer anymore. Is this the end of my decade long relationship with sprint? Really?? Doesn't seem like very good business practices.

Just to clarify; my real issue is not the HOURS of time out of my life spent on the phone with sprint over this issue, but that a new customer with sprint could have a phone number thatSprint has been telling me for months could never ever ever be assigned to anyone ever ever never again. And! That me, an existing loyal customer, still cannot have this phone number. That's the issue. I have given up understanding any of it but if anyone has thoughts or ideas to assist me in making sense of this, please let me know!! It will take me at least a week to gather up my various phones and phone owners in order to switch to a new service provider.

Thanks in advance!

And, Sprint; On my first inquiry, I would have rather heard "This is a service we do not provide. We have the ability and are capable of assigning you the requested number... We just won't because it's against our policy" than all this other BS. If that is the case, I would rather hear the real deal than any bogus excuses.

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