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How do I dispute a Sprint bill?


How do I dispute a Sprint bill?

I have had a calamity of billing errors due to a lost phone.  My daughter lost her phone.  We had to buy a new one.  Which is not the problem.   


For some reason, Sprint opened another line and didn't cancel the other line when we replaced the phone.  We were charged for the line for months.  Upon requesting it to be was then put into some kind of stand by mode and we were still charged for that!  We have never had a refund for these errors from sprint.  Where do I go to dispute these historical charges.  General customer service has been completely unhelpful or possibly dishonest.  For example, the first couple of attempts to get my bill corrected...they stated it would be addressed and after a month I followed up and there was no log of any action within Sprint on my account.


Every time I talk to customer support, I think I am either being told a lie to or the person doesn't know how to address the problem.  



When you activated the new line, was that done in store? I assume you chose a new line for a discounted phone over paying off the lost phone?





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