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How do I get in contact with a manager/supervisor?


How do I get in contact with a manager/supervisor?

I've had repeated issues with my phone through the sprint services. It will not send/receive text messags. Considering I use the phone Primarily for texting, the fact that it does not work is beyond frustrating. I've been attempting to get the issue solved for weeks now.

I have- updated the PRL

Turned the phone off for 2 minutes and back on.

Still, I get the response, "Message saved as failed, network not responding."

Honestly the service was great until you started upgrading your towers. I'm not the only one having problems, some of my friends who run sprint phones have also had issues. My contract ends this month, and I will not be renewing it. However, I would like to speak with someone about getting the money charged to my account this month refunded because of the fact that I have not been able to use the phone at all for this entire week. The contract ends on the 8th.

Further, it seems I have been blocked from the customer service forums. Is this really good customer service? Someone has a valid complaint, and instead of trying your best to solve the issue you block the user?

Please let me know how to contact someone who will handle this situation.


Re: How do I get in contact with a manager/supervisor?


Thanks for posting on the Community and so sorry that you're experiencing issues with messaging! Couple of questions, 1) Do you know of others experiencing the same issue, 2) Which zipcode are you located in, and 3) Which device model are you using? I'd really love to assist you with this!



Sprint Social Care Team


Re: How do I get in contact with a manager/supervisor?

Yes, my friend Mariah can't get text messages to send, either, though I don't know what model phone she is using (it is not the same as mine.) I can provide you with her phone number to contact her if you'd like. Seeing as she still has quite some time left on her contract I'm sure she'd like it to be solved.

My zip code is 80012, cross streets are Mississippi and Sable. I also haven't been able to get service in zip code 80015, cross streets being smokey hill and e 470. I'm not sure what her zip code is.

The phone is the Sanyo Innuendo.

Really, though, it's too late to 'fix' this issue. It's been on-going. I've been getting the run-around. What I want is my money back. I realize there is only so much you, personally, can do and I don't want to seem like a raging, angry, incoherient, psychopathic customer. Please just tell me how to elevate it, and get my money, so I can cut ties with your company.

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