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How do Sprint mangers sleep at night?


How do Sprint mangers sleep at night?

Let me begin by answering my own question...because these managers are backed by a billion dollar company that teaches them the golden rule and us consumers should know this!  What's that?  Of course I'll post for those who have forgotten especially back when signing up for your worst nightmare, I mean for Sprint service.  Here it is:

Rule #1.  Sprint is ALWAYS right

I know, I know...everyone is slapping themselves in the head for having forgotten such a simple rule to remember. Go easy on yourselves though, I too was taught as a consumer and throughout years of Customer Service training and retail management that the "Customer was always right" so I too have had my struggle of accepting such a foreign concept.


Alright, enough sarcasm and excitement for Sprint as I let myself stoop to their level in my post above.

Bottom line, I am beyond furious at not only the absolute worst cellphone coverage and services that I pay for and do not work, but the so called

service to their customers??....They need to rename this "Customer Disservice" and I truly believe this would accurately describe their company's continued and obvious lack of care with consumers and a very blatant attitude of being untouchable or without consequences for their unjust ways.

My story parallels many of the consumers on these discussions and across the web who describe their horrifying experiences as innocent parties whom placed trust and hard earned income into the hands of a gluttonous company that has demonstrated no signs of changing their deceitful ways.  Due to the fact that I do value my limited time on Earth and all the many things I could be doing besides continuing to let Sprint suck this time away while laughing all the way to the bank, I am not going to type out the very long and incredulous experience I've had but rather give a quick gathering of main issues.

I too have been lied to by upper management, given false shipping information, yelled at by management, hung up on repeatedly, placed on hold sometimes past 30m,

told I was incompetent for not calling the week my daughter was in hospital and canceling Mobile Hotspot, told for 2 months straight that I would just have to wait for a tower to be built in my area and too bad for all the dropped calls and maybe go walk down the street,

sent an Airave home tower with something clearly broken inside jiggling all around yet was told to try connecting 5 times over the course of a week all while my calls dropped with each technician and they wouldn't ever call me back!!, after week of Airave they decided maybe it was broken and will send me another to swap for original-2 weeks later no Airave and Ariel the Sprint manager tells me they sent out, UPS left at my residence and its my responsibility to figure out what happened, UPS states Sprint NEVER sent an additional package and Ariel the manager at Sprint gave me a false tracking number- (Sprint has still never acknowledged this or apologized or sent another unit)

Management has told me I have no right to be let out of my contract unless I pay $150 or have had coverage problems ...hello!!!!

Was told I have to pay for a Mobile Hotspot that failed to work and I had canceled within a week of signing up, and in two billing cycles would be credited for the charge but that "you have no choice ma'am that's how it works"

Continue to have dropped calls with so much business being lost, continuing to be charged outrageous prices for the failed coverage I receive, lack of care and many hours wasted being a mother to my children because I have had to be on hold with Sprint yet again complaining about my coverage and dropped calls.


My personal next steps after contacting counsel are to file with FCC and small claims court.

It is such a sad and sick image Sprint is portraying to consumers and their families.  When will they stop and realize they are SERIOUSLY hurting people financially, emotionally, and medically as consumers are caused undue stress.  It is an outrage and in humane and frankly I am pissed I have even say an afforded them my time again, however, this truly was for all of my consumer allies who are fed up and want their lives and money protected from companies like Sprint who are offering services that are false and then pulling rug beneath their feet and watching as consumers struggle to get back up.

Enough is enough!

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