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Hurricane Matthew - So Disappointed


Hurricane Matthew - So Disappointed

My Sprint HTC M9 was doing wonderful, providing me with up to date information on Hurricane Matthew and receiving phone calls/texts from friends and family checking in to make sure we were okay.

Then the storm rains and winds came across our city and all that ended.

Having no power and thus no home Internet connection, I was relying on the mobile data network to get information. My phone went from 3G (It is always 3G at my house although the data network map shows LTE) to Roaming. The roaming was very unstable. I believe it was using a lot of power on my phone. The battery power dropped drastically. I used up two battery back-up packs. One has charged it completely before, but then, the two didn't even charge it to 75%. Thank goodness for the car charger, although that never really charged it completely either. I did put it in airplane mode to charge hoping that that would help. I could not access any Internet sites (which is a problem because all news stations would say "go to our site for information". Texts coming and going were delayed. Or if I tried to send a picture never went through at all. Phone calls were spotty. Sometimes they wouldn't go through, or the conversation was choppy/broken up, or the service would drop. It was so very disappointing (and it showed me how much I rely on my cell phone and cellular service). Note that my husband has a cell phone with Verizon through his company and he had no problems at all connecting to the Internet, receiving/sending texts and making phone calls. I have been with Sprint for a long long time (at least 25 years) and have a really good priced plan. Now, I am wondering should I pay the extra money to make sure I have the services I need in the event of another emergency?

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