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I cant pay my bill


I cant pay my bill

Ok so recently things havent been going good for me me and my family are being evicted from our apartment because my mom lost her job, and at my job their cutting my hours to where i get 50 bucks a week and my bill is 280$

And the money that i do make i have to give to my mom to try and help her out. Also my phone is the only phone that we have to contact people renting out apartments and stuff like that. I wonder if anyone can help me out. Any kind of help would be appreciated

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Re: I cant pay my bill


I'm sorry to hear about this and running into a rough patch.  We hope things get better and we want to help.  Contact us at and we can take a look at your account to see what we can do and team up with our finance department to gain some assistance.  In your e-mail please provide your full name, account number or primary phone number, pin or answer to your security question and include the link to this post so an agent has a heads up of what's going on.

Sprint Social Care Team



Re: I cant pay my bill

Hi Kushman718,

Thanks for your post on Sprint's Community forum regarding your current hardship. I understand that you are seeking some assistance with your bill, and I sorry to hear about these less than favorable circumstances. During situations such as this, we generally offer payment arrangements. These arrangements are reviewed on the case by case bases. Payment arrangement will avoid service interruption and allows you to pay smaller payments until your bill is caught up. Also, to prevent your bill from continuously increasing, you may consider looking into modifying your rate plan. I suggest changing your plan to either a basic plan, or placing a few lines on the account on season standby until your financial situation stabilize. Season standby is available for up to 6 months, and reduces the monthly reoccurring charge to $8.99.

Please feel free to send me a private message if you would like to take this issue off line so that we may explore all available options.

Thanks You,

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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