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I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace?


I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace?

I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace?


Re: I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace?

I'm sorry about your phone,  you can always go into a Sprint Repair Center and  see if they can replace  the screen. You would have to contact Asurion for a claim at (800) 584-3666. Let me know how this work.

Thank You


Sprint Social Care


Re: I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace?

If your touchscreen panel and/or LCD have multiple cracks throughout the screen, in addition to what Jacquice mentioned, you may also go to to file your claim online. Depending on your Sprint account type, you may be able to have your deductible billed to it.


Re: I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace?

Correct, WirelessKoala! is a fast, simple way to file a claim and track the shipment of a claim as well. Thanks for sharing with our Community.

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: I have cracked my screen How do I create a claim to replace? is not all it's cracked up to be -- I am hating Asurion and Sprint both.. They asked what went wrong:  I'm hard-pressed to find something that went *right*.  Here's some of what I tried to type into the comments on my recent claim.

The "Other" choices were because I had multiple issues, sometimes three or more (and you just added another because when I went Back and Next, it deleted all the text I'd typed into this box).

* Difficulty selecting your claimed phone":  I have never called my phone anything but as "Galaxy S3" -- what's this "L710"?  I had to Google it to make sure I wasn't getting a different phone.

* Additional documentation/verification was required:  WTF is this BS about having to FAX (!!) the driver's license -- this is the G*D* 21st Century!  I should be able to scan the license into a file and e-mail it to you!  Having to rack down cloud-based file-to-fax software may be why I missed the deadline for getting my phone tomorrow!\

* Shipping issues:  Having to pay $20 extra to get my phone Express Mailed (why you call the slower, free method "express" is beyond me) when the replacement already costs $150 (and the customer rep in the store said it was $100) is ridiculous.  FWIW, Even if I order at 23:59:59 Thursday, Express should be able to get the phone to me on Friday, for the extra $20.

Calling something that won't get me the phone till Monday "Express" is a misnomer at best!

* Payment issues:  Is PayPal allowed?  AAlso, having the No Refund pop up when I'm not at all satisfied and haven't received anything us downright unfriendly.

What, if anything, would you like to see improved in your claim experience?

* The web experience:  Not being able to submit documentation over the Web is just one complaint; zeroing out boxes that go back and forward over is noter.  Also, when I entered the wrong PIN for my card, a completely blank page showed up with no clue what went wrong.

* Service with the 1-800 number:  Took way to long to answer, and generally not helpful.

* An interaction with a customer service representative:  Sprint, not Asurion.  Sprint repair should know Asurion better.

* Deductible issues:  $150?  Highway robbery!  What kind of indsursnce is this -- and me paying every month o boot!

* Replacement equipment:  I should be able to get some kind of replacement phone, even a cheap onew, if my phone will be gone for four days!

* The overall claim processing time:  there are things that take  8  hours that should be done in minutes!  I should be able to go in, say "my phone is broken", hand my driver's license to someone for validation (and the Sprint store should have a fax machine, computer, or whatever is needed to validate (which also should be done in minutes, if not seconds), and hands me a new phone that I can walk out with -- as far as I'm concerned, for free as long as m insurance premiums are paid.  One day is a lot -- four is unconscionable!

* The requirements to complete a claim (verification, police report, etc…):  Driver's license is not too bad; requiring fax is just silly.

* Nothing (no need to improve anything):  I'd laugh if I weren't about to cry or spit nails.

* Other:  There should be a comment space next to the word "Other".  Also, the bubbles above should not be mutually exclusive -- I'm surely not the only person who'd had more than one problem.

* I was told to give a daytime number:  I only have the one cell phone, no land line, and I don't work -- what am I supposed to do?  The number I gave can only take messages, but it's better than nothing, only because you don't allow leaving it blank.

-- and just to put a cherry on top, when I went back and forward on the final page, it was completely blanked out.

Doubleplusungood experience.

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