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I’m getting ripped off by sprint in Mobile,AL


I’m getting ripped off by sprint in Mobile,AL

The rep I used when I started my service misquoted me prices for products that I own. He kept adding things to my bill saying it won’t affect it and would help some and cause my plan to go from about $70 a month to $247. The manager refuse to see me and I’ve called and can into the store on multiple occasions. My mom is disabled and I take care of her and can’t afford this to happen. I feel like I’ve been lied to and been done wrong by the staff here. The rep who did all this is fired now and they neglect any responsibility or to help me. I’m going to have my service cut off and I need it to stay in contact with my mother. I’m hoping I can get this resolved before I terminate this service completely.


Hi AUBURN1014. I'd be glad to look over what's been going on and see what we can do to help. I'm going to send you a PM so that we can get a bit more information. 


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