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I need help, second line failed to be ported out!


I need help, second line failed to be ported out!

i had put a friend of mine on my sprint account, everything was fine til she was constantly partially paying her part of the bill or late. of course it stirred a disagreement and argument, now the girl asked if she can just port her number to tmobile and let them buy out the phone- i said sure. but she was impatient and upset bc i changed my acct info so she opened a new account without porting, i dont know what shes done with the device she was leasing, and we no longer have contact with one another. last time we spoke she was tit for tat about the situation & refused to port it now. so im still being billed for her expensive line, device lease and insurance and i dont own any of it. what can i do ? i understand its technically my responsibility but i cant afford to pay for a bill for a device i dont have and thats not in use. when i first contacted sprint about the port, she assured me it was cancelled from my line and taken care of, a month later after going to pay my bill she was incorrect and THEN another representative informed me of the complete process and what has to be done. i love my sprint account, cost, plan and device and i dont want to have to cancel but i cannot figure out what to do, can i please get some reinsurance of another direction to take .. without the "you shouldn't have added her .. " type of responses, this is for general help. tia


Re: I need help, second line failed to be ported out!

Same thing happened to me. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do at that point. The responsibility is yours. However, the person had terminated the contract for her line and barely paid her portion of the bill so I was left with an etf and her portion of the bill. Took me a while to get out of that hole but I did it. Lesson learned. Don't add ppl to your line unless it's your spouse.

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