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Improve customer service


Improve customer service

1. Listen

2. if a chat or email- states unable to call out- on all 4 phones- IT IS A SERVICE ISSUE

3. don't tell a customer to turn on and off phone if they have no service- IT WON"T WORK

4. dont tell a customer with no service to call an 800 help number- THEY CANT- no service

5. don't tell them to go to a store- they can't fix the phone- It is a SERVice issue- tower or outage issue

What a agent should do:

1. locate area out of service

2. Apologize

3. REPORT- sprint agents do have a working phone - so call the technician and get it reported

4. Send a follow up email to report the issue is being taken care of and it will be completed by this time.

5. Don't tell the customer that  Sprint will call them- they won't get the call- NO SERVICE

6. credit the account- afterall you DO want to keep them happy

7 allow agents the ability to note power or cell tower outages to better serve your customers.

8. allow customers a quick link to report outages online- simple - ubnable to call out or recieve calls- please enter your zipcode here-

9 Don't patronize- no phone service is not always just an inconvience- it can make the difference if you have to call 911, waiting for job interviews, or work calling.

10 put yourself in the customer's shoes- turn off your cell phones ALL of them for 3-4 days-  yup and no calls allowed for that time- unless you drive 2 miles away.

Sorry for the inconvience?  NO NO NO

Say Sorry, WE WILL FIX THIS in a timely manner and send you an email to update the status, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

NOT we are unaware of an outage in your area- Follow through and make sure that technicians can fix the problem.  An area outage hurts everyone- including the Sprint company. 

By the way- I called Sprint 3 times to alert of no service- and all three times they failed to alert the proper channels to fix the issue.

The forth time- They got it right,  kudos to "Joe" for listening.  It should of been addressed and fixed and sent to proper channels the first call- afterall your phones DO work.

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