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Inconvenience and Poor Customer Service


Inconvenience and Poor Customer Service

I had a horrible time activating my new Sprint phone this week, and I experienced horrible customer service with both the customer service department and technical support.

Now, first, let me say I am an online retailer of Sprint phone service and products, and in addition to years of customer service and sales experience, I am the founder and president of that online retailer.

The problem began when I purchased my phone online through my own Web site, and I shutter to think that my customers are having similar problems as I did.   When the order was approved at my site, as it would be at any other online retailer like Amazon, WireFly, etc, Sprint set up an account for me with a security question and passcode that I did have any knowledge of.

My daughter's phone came activated, but since I was importing a number from another company, mine did not, so I called Sprint to activate my handset.  Immeadiately I was asked for the security question and passcode that I did not know, and I couldn't get any help or acitvation unless I knew it.  The incompotent customer service rep. didn't know what to do, so she transferred me to tech. support.  The tech. support agent again asked for my security information, I explained why, and he then began to explain why it was needed.

I told the tech support guy, "I understand the need for security and to prevent fraud, but I don't have the information, because I purchased online....etc."  Instead of finding a solution to my problem, he became argumentative and started repeating what he already said three times.

I never did get my phone activated that evening.

Security questions and passwords can be reset with any company.  I do it everyday in my very own company, if I can verify the identity and some personal information about the customer, but the tech support guy seemed to also be incompotent.

The next day, I called back, was transferred to the fraud department.  The woman there was able to reset my credentials, but her phone skills were horrible.  If she worked for me, she would be retrained or fired.

Then, I had to call back a third time to finally get activation, because I could verify my security credentials.  I didn't have this much problem getting a secret, government clearance in Persian Gulf war zone for God's sake!

I was told that they could not activate my phone then (on this third call), because they were waiting on the approval from my old carrier to have my cell phone number transferred.  They would requested my credentials with that company, and they said wait until after 10:15 that evening (day two), and turn my phone on, and it should activate and the number would be transferred.  I waited to the next day (day three), turned the phone on, and it was activated and the phone number had been assigned.  But, I still could not send and receive calls.

I called back to Sprint again, and they helped me finish programming my phone. 

So, all in all, it took 4 phone calls and 3 days to start my services with Sprint.  We're off to a good start.  I can't imagine customers getting this bad of an impression from the outset. I did my part, though. I sold the phone, shipped it and had in the customer's hands (my hands) within 2 days.  All of the problems occurred on Sprint's end, and I hate to think that my/our customers who shop online have this much problem all of the time.

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