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Insurance Premium and Service/Repair Fee?


Insurance Premium and Service/Repair Fee?

Okay so last month, my mom got a new phone, using my dad's upgrade.They did the norm, putting my dad's phone number on the new phone, then swapping them so my dad could have his phone back, yeah? On last month's bill, there was a fee for the new phone and whatnot, and on this month's bill, there has been a repeat of the service/repair fee, and the new addition of the insurance premium. We didn't ask for the insurance, so why would it be on the bill, and why has the service and repair fee been repeated?


Re: Insurance Premium and Service/Repair Fee?

We are not able to bring up accounts based on information in the forum.  To be able to answer your question we would need to access the account.   If you wish to send me a private message with the  phone number and security pin or answer to the security question I will be happy to look into the account for you.   The other options are to use the chat feature from inside of   or to call customer service who can look at the account for you.

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