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Internet usage.......


Internet usage.......

I must say that I cannot understand how a customer can be charged for "overage" on their internet with Sprint when Sprint cannot supply any detailed usage for the supposed "overage" charge.  This very thing happened to me and when I called on 3 separate occasions to inquire as to why and proof of such an "overage" I was told that they (Sprint) cannot tell me anything as to how this "overage" accumulated due to Privacy and with the last representative being a Supervisor telling me if I wanted such information I would have to go to the Authorities.  So apparently they can just pull a number out of the sky so to speak and a dollar amount to go along with that number and the Customer is expected to pay.  I can say I have been with another Company prior to switching to Sprint and was with that Company for 3 years with NEVER going over 3 gigs of usage a month and now with Sprint I used over 7 gigs in one month (the only month since I just switched) and cannot get any answers whatsoever as to why.  It's pretty suspect to me when this type of thing happens and furthermore I have documented all that I can pertaining to the lack of professional service that a customer should receive when such a matter arises and will be turning it over to the proper persons as directed by Sprint's own representative.  Sprint may not have to answer to their customers but most certainly will have to answer to these Authorities.


Internet usage.......

Managing your data usage is one of the main reasons for accessing  You should be able to see your data usage if you click "see all usage" next to the picture of the device on the main page that comes up when signing in. 

I am sorry that you didn't receive any assistance when calling in.  If I can do anything for you, please reply or send me a private message.  I am not going to be assisting customer anymore tonight though...  I will be back in the morning.

thank you



Internet usage.......

Yes...I realize that and did so but it shows nothing in the way of detail...I will never be convinced that I used more than double the gigs with Sprint than I ever did with the other Company I was with when I consistently used 3 gigs or less with them each and every month for 3 years...I explained to each of the representatives that I had no problem with paying the overage charge but provide me with the data by mail to explain the overage and provide that on the account page as well...for some reason your Company doesn't provide or want to provide the customer with such data and that is why it is suspect to me.....

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