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Iphone 5 data and connectivity issue


Iphone 5 data and connectivity issue


I'm going to try to keep the long story short . I switched from Verizon to Sprint about a month ago and i purchased the Iphone 5 . Since the day one i had poor voice and data , dropped calls, no data, slow data , 3G going on and off etc. After maybe 5 to 6 hours with Apple and Sprint techincal support i got the voice issue solved ( not for long ) but the data issue is still present . I tired to return the phone while i was in the 14 days trial but the store gave me a attitude and promissed me that the issue will be solved and that it can take up to 1 billing cycle to get the system going 100% plus you know the LTE is coming so i should be patient . I said ok and let it go. And you know what Sprint , i had it enough today . After 3h waiting , talking to 10 different representatives , open ticket , numerous dropped calles and calls getting disconected you could only offer me is

  • Cancel the contract , no ETF , return the phone and loose $299 plus taxes , next months bill it's on me = $399 loss plus the lost iPhone 4 that i traded in
  • Keep the phone,be quite, pay the bill and be a unhappy frustrated customer
  • Use the buy back program , get 1/4 price for the phone and use the money for the ETF
  • Use the buy back program , use the money from the phone to purchase a phone at full price

Are you serious ? First off its my phone , why should i return in the first place ? Second , i never asked to be let go out of the contract , i only asked to get another phone like the S3 because the Iphone is not 100% compatible with the Sprint network ( Manager admited it ) . I was being lied at the store , i spend hours on the phone with people who don't know what they are talking , empty promises , no real solutions offered and thats the only what Sprint is offering their customers ?  I left many things out but im more then willing to tell them if needed

Please , who ever has the same issue with iPhone 5 and poor customer service PLEASE write it here, let them know the issue is present  and SPRINT feel free to contact me . Ill be more then happy to give you more info


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