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Iphone 7 upgrade


Iphone 7 upgrade

I've been with sprint since 2008 and upgrading the Iphone 7 is by far the worst experience I've ever had here. Every time I call customer service I get a solution find out that solution doesn't work and I call back and get a completely different answer. I called customer service right before I pre ordered the 7 and they told me I'm eligible for the monthly service credit, told me how to activate it and told me to wait until i get my iphone. I specifically stated that I was leasing and planned on turning the device in and they told me that I would still get a credit if I put in the promo. Low and behold I was given inaccurate information (the story of every sprint customer ever). I only upgraded because they said it would be free. WHY AM I STILL WITH THIS COMPANY!?!  As a loyal consumer all I ask is for consistency and accuracy,  I shouldn't be liable for sprints inability to hire competent customer service reps nor should I have to go through 5 different people telling me 5 different things when I call. I have no motivation to stay with you guys. In fact, I'm pretty sure I can find an incentive to go to another provider. I don't even mind paying monthly payments if I'm told about it prior to my decision. The fact that I'm making these decisions based off of inaccurate information i'm being told by the customer service line is wrong and it seems as though there is no effort set forth to even attempt to fix these errors.

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Re: Iphone 7 upgrade

How I said,sprint should have a meeting with all the employees and tell them to say the same thing because I called them and same thing happened to me, honestly mother my name I have almost 2 yeas and with mi sister 8 so I have 10 years with them,i know everybody wants the iPhone 7/7plus but first of all they should let everybody preorder one month before so we can all be happy but we need to wait to see,the only thing I know is that sprint is loosing lots of customers.

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