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Issues with 14-day guarantee


Issues with 14-day guarantee

Several questions: 

If you buy a plan/phone and cancel within the 14 days, shouldn't you only be charged a pro-rated amount and not until the end of your billing cycle?  I had to cancel a line before the 14 days were up and I was charged for the full billing cycle.

I understand having to pay for the time you used it but the full month?         

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Issues with 14-day guarantee

What day did you start service? When does your bill cycle end and when was service canceled? Sprint bills a month of service in advance so if you bought your phone on October 1st, your Billing cycle ended on the 3rd and you returned it on the 10th you would be waiting until next bill to see a prorated refund.


Issues with 14-day guarantee

If however you were not beginning service and instead upgrading and returning equipment you would have been reverted to your previous contract and equipment and canceled at the end of your bill cycle.

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