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Just moved to Chicago, has service always been this bad?


Just moved to Chicago, has service always been this bad?

     I moved to Chicago about a week ago from Knoxville, TN, and was excited about the prospect of faster download speeds, a bigger market, and what I thought would be better service.  Knoxville's service wasn't bad, but living in mountains will lead to dead zones, and they were mostly predictable.  To my surprise, my service here in Chicago has been much worse!  I have yet to make a phone call last longer than about 3 minutes before my iPhone announces "Call Failure."  Even know, I'm watching my bars of service bounce between 4 bars and no bars, with occasional friendly "Extended" sprinkled in.  My "3G" service is leaving a bit to be desired, with a download speed of 0.14Mbps and an upload speed of 0.01Mbps.  My iPhone has been grounded!

     I've been applying for jobs and attempting to network, but already I've had dropped calls during interviews and I'm terrified at the prospect of using my phone for professional purposes.  Instead, I'm making important calls on my girlfiend's US Cellular android for a more secure connection.  My father and I have really enjoyed our Sprint service up to this point, and have always told others about our positive customer service experiences with Sprint.  I used to brag about my unlimited data and the fact that I was paying less for it.  Now I'm having doubts.

     Please tell me this has been a temporary problem and that the whole city of Chicago has not been suffering this poor service.  This contract is fair when the service is working, but if this is a sign of times to come I'm seriously reconsidering my options.  Someone please reassure or assist me in resolving this issue.  I've not had good experiences with Verizon or ATT in the past and I would really rather stay with Sprint.  I've invested in their stock, their contracts, and their phones.  Now I'd like some service.

Please help.

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