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Know where to mail the fraud packet


Know where to mail the fraud packet

It appears that I need to file a claim for fraud charges on my Sprint account. I had tried to contact Sprint by way of phone 7/13/10 at 11:00AM, but saw the message on the Sprint website that I was unable to speak to a representative (as if I were attempting after Customer Service hours). Therefore, I am typing this email.

Two months ago, I had called Sprint about the extremely high charges on my account. It took my speaking to more than one Customer Service Representative to be informed that "it appeared" to be the method I was using to upload my photos to my online account. I was therefore informed of  a method to upload photos without accruing the outrageous Sprint Data charges. Since that conversation with your Customer Service, I have continued to use the method suggested to me and I have consciously avoided using ANY internet by way of my Sprint telephone in order to not accrue additional charges. Again, I see on my online account, 2999 KB Casual Data Usage @ $.03/KB as well as a $75 charge for Sprint Data charges!! Could Customer Service please call me with details of the Sprint Data usage or email them to me. This appears to be a fraud case that needs immediate assistance.


Re: Know where to mail the fraud packet

Thanks for posting!

Please send me a private message with your name, phone number and email address and I will forward your issue on to the SprintCares team.


Re: Know where to mail the fraud packet

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