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LG Optimus S malfunction and hard resets - Poor customer service

LG Optimus S malfunction and hard resets - Poor customer service

I have a LG Optimus S that was new in November 2011. Recently, the phone has been acting up. The camera turns on repeatedly, regardless of whether or not the screen is locked. It wears down the battery, takes pictures, and makes other capabilities of the phone essentially nonfunctional. Things are definitely subpar. I contacted Sprint customer service, and they instructed me to go into a local service center and have the device looked at. Being reasonable, I went to the service center as requested.

The staff performed a hard reset, and rolled back the software. This was after leaving the phone with them overnight. To summarize, Sprint's solution was to take my phone and make it less functional than it should be, all while deleting all of my installed apps, preferences, etc. Wonderful. I was willing to live with the result as long as the phone's problems were solved. They weren't. After several interactions with customer service via email, they attempted to telephone me and left two separate unintelligible voicemail messages. I literally could not understand them. I called in to the standard customer service number, and they couldn't even see that I had an open ticket on the issue. This person did some good research, and informed me that my phone is under warranty (why the other folks with whom I interacted couldn't tell me this is beyond me). I would have to take the phone into the service center again, and request a device replacement. The individual set up an eTicket for me to take in, apparently to streamline the process.

Once again, the service center offered less than useless customer service. They ignored the eTicket provided to me by Sprint, and set up a new hard reset and software rollback request. They again deleted all of my apps and preferences, and wasted another couple hours of my time. The problem persists, and I am an irate Sprint customer, soon to be a customer of someone else. I have demanded a replacement phone ASAP (as indicated by the Sprint customer service rep), or an ETF waiver. I don't deserve to be treated like this any longer. I pay good money every month to have a functional phone that operates on current software versions. Downgrades are not acceptable. Several hard resets are not acceptable. Ignoring my specific request for a device replacement is not acceptable. Sprint, you are not providing adequate, let alone superb, customer service.

I'll keep you posted on the results of my most recent request for immediate device replacement or ETF waiver. This is ridiculous.

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