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Leasing ending. What's next


Leasing ending. What's next

My lease ended on December. I know i can pay for the phone and keep it or send it ack and get an upgrade. My question is what if i want to keep the phone for maybe two more months and then trade it. Can i just keep paying my bill like usual or do i absolutely have to pick an option this month. Also what will happen to the 30 dollars i usually pay for the lease?
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Re: Leasing ending. What's next

Hi Palira, thank you for contacting us, when customer's Lease contract ends, they have three options:

  • Upgrade to a new device
  • Cancel their lease
  • Continue their lease on a month-to-month basis.

In this case, if your lease ended and you are not ready to upgrade or return the device, you can continue to use the device by paying month-to-month.


For more information you can visit the Sprint Lease FAQ clicking here.



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