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Leaving Sprint after 12 years. They've gone downhill.


Leaving Sprint after 12 years. They've gone downhill.

Jon I'm sorry but you're full of shit.  I've been with Sprint since 2000.  That's right, twelve years almost to the day.  Sprint's service used to be great for calls and texts, and for the most part it still is, but their data service is absolutely horrendous.  I have not had decent download speeds in over a year.  For the first few months when my speeds dropped to 10% of what they had been, I called customer service periodically.  I always got the same canned response - "We're upgrading towers in your area, and that takes a while, but when it's done you should see service back to and exceeding previous levels".  After a while they switched to "We're having problems with towers X and Y in your area (don't remember the tower numbers).  The issue should be resolved in the next few weeks, at which time you should see service resume as normal".  Coincidentally, the two towers they were supposedly having 'problems' with were the towers nearest to where I work and to my house.  Huh.... funny that.

Well, after 2-3 months of supposedly upgrading the area, and another 2-3 months of supposedly fixing issues with towers, guess what?  My data speeds are still atrocious, like DIAL UP speeds if that.  WhenI first bought my Evo I was getting 0.7-1.0mbps download and 0.2-0.3mbps upload on 3G, and  1.4-2.0mbps down with 0.3-0.6mbps up on 4g.  Keep in mind those speeds are still significantly slower than T-mobile's were/are, at least for the 4g as compared to T-mo's 4g.

Now I get 0.1-0.2mbps if I'm lucky on 3g.  I can't finish a ping test on on a 3g signal 90% of the time.  Last night I tried to download a 90mb file on a 4g connection and it took TWO HOURS to download.  When I first bought the phone that same file would've been done in a matter of minutes.

This issue with the data speeds has been going on for a year now.  A YEAR.  Don't freakign sit there and try to tell me that it "takes a while" for Sprint to update their network Jon, because you're full of shit.  I am plenty tech savvy.  I have tried everything with my phone.  I have root access and have done everything up to and including several complete wipes of my phone to restore it to factory default.  Oh, and don't try to say that rooting my phone caused the issues, because I only did that two months after the issues began.  My wife has the same phone and it is not rooted, and she is getting the same data speeds.  Others I know in the area with sprint phones (Evo 4g, Evo 4g 3d, Evo LTE, etc) are all experiencing the same piss-poor data speeds.

The bottom line is Sprint is trying to make as much $$ as possible with as little effort and as little infrastructure as possible.  I have other friends on T-mobile who routinely get 8mbps download speeds on their 4g LTE, sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME, while I'm either unable to even get a 4g signal or can only get 0.3mps down, aka less than 1/24th of the speeds they're getting.

To add insult to injury they started this whole "billing the second line separately" crap and now only apply my VA employee discount to my line and not to the bill in its entirity, basically increasing my bill by $10 a month for no reason with no warning and nothing I can do about it but leave them.  $10 a month isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but after the discount being applied the same way for years then suddenly playing the shell game on me, it doesn't engender much trust.  My primary issue is with the data speeds though and their complete lack of improvement in a year.

Oh, but Sprint's the cheapest for the value-conscious customer?  WRONG AGAIN.  T-mobile has a 'completely unlimited' plan now that is identical to Sprint's for the same price.  Even if I have to pay $30 a month more than I do now, it would be worth it to have a data connection I can actually USE.  When I first got my Evo I was averaging 8-10 gigabytes a month.  Last month I barely broke 500megabytes, because the data connection is so damned worthless I can't even use it except when I'm sleeping to qeue up a download or two that might be done in 8 hours!

After 12 years as a Sprint loyalist, I too am abandoning ship


Re: Leaving Sprint after 12 years. They've gone downhill.

See there Jon...not only 1 and 2 year customers are seeing this, it's long time customers as well!!! As for your intelligent comment concerning the insurance, (spoken exactly like the STORE)...For the record..when I purchased the insurance, screens WERE a part of the plan!! As to compare it to car insurance...find me ONE claim of car insurance that can give a REFURBISHED, or CPMPLETELY different vehicle??????

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