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Lied to by Sales Agent please help


Lied to by Sales Agent please help

Hello Sprint! my name is cody and i need some advice about my issue. Almost two years ago i bought my Apple Iphone 4 from an official retailer. three weeks later my best friend wanted a iphone 4 also. I went to the closest Sprint store to get the needed information about adding him to my account. The sales agent told us that he would not have to pay to leave this contact through Sprint (turns out its only 350$). My friend was in a fatal car crash(Iphone under contract was lost in accident). The contract was no longer in use.

Loosing my job required me to stop paying both bills. Is it possible to have my bill cut in half? the about due (1050$)

I can provide you with the information about the sales agent that Lied to get a sale.

I love sprint and i am very satisfied with the customer service. I would love to activete my sprint account again.

Please help me with this issue Sprint.


Thank you for your post. I do see that an agent has reached out to you inregards to this issue on an alternate thread that you created: Please repond to their request for a private message in that forum so that we can better assist. Additionally, please refrain from creating multiple posts as it can hinder our ability to adequately assist you in a timely fashion and may also go through our systems as spam. Thank you.


Sprint Social Care Team

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