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Limits and Preferences Block Voice problem


Limits and Preferences Block Voice problem

I have been trying to block some specific inbound phone numbers for one phone on my account. This should have been a simple process. It has been very challenging. Following the links on the site to get the Block Voice page to be displayed has been consistently easy. The problem has been selecting the phone number I want to restrict. Clicking on the number does not work. There are 2 pages of numbers for our account ( 6 numbers are displayed on 1 page ). Investigating the other options on the Limits and Preferences page identified that the Block Text page displays our numbers ( 6 to a page ) the same as the Block Voice page. The other options on the Limits and Preferences page displays all of our 7 numbers on the specific option page when displayed. Those pages with all 7 numbers displayed allow numbers to be selected by just clicking the number's area on the page. After generating an enormous amount of frustration, I discovered a work-around. By going to the second page of numbers and clicking the last number on that page the options for blocking voice is displayed for the selected number. Without closing the number's options window, I select the icon to have the first page displayed. The numbers on the first page are now selectable and may then be restricted. The Block Text page works the same way.

I am using IE 9 64 bit version 9.0.9 with Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 operating system. I hope my work-around helps anyone who has the same issue.

The telephone and online Sprint representatives I encountered trying to remedy this anomaly were all very professional, though my frustration grew with each new transfer. This issue seems to be a site development issue.

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