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Lost Another Customer


Lost Another Customer

Dear Sprint

After being a customer for over 11 years, I leave you. Here are just some of the reasons I am leaving:

Promises for over 2 years that 4G would be coming to our area, not true. But you add 4G LTE to a town with 21,376 (Sedalia, MO) residents and not Springfiled with 160,056 residents and along a major interstate (I-44).

Ending of roadside rescue

Ending Sprint Loyalty Rewards

Telling me that because I am not adding a new line of service a longtime customer has to pay $100.00 more to get a Galaxy S3.

When going in and talking to the only company owned Sprint store in the area and finding out the people that I have dealt with for years are no longer there and the new ones are just interested in commission and not customer service. No one wanted to keep me as a customer.

Having my bill reduced by $10.00 a month even with less data (which I still would not cap out on because I am not a data user) and less of an employee discount.

I used to love you Sprint and refer you to everyone, but not any longer. Ending the relationship that only one partner wanted to try to make it work.


Your ex

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