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Lost calls and not connect calls and text


Lost calls and not connect calls and text

I contacted sprint last week regarding dropped calls the inability to make calls or send texts.

Can't be on the phone n my house and move from one room to the next the call drops and say call ended.. Text message returns FAILED with an error message.  Can't send Text until 4th or 5th attempt to resend

No Internet service without gong wifi

Being told phone is not ringing on my end going straight to vm.

Was told there was service down for a couple of hrs last week but the problem persists? Please help!!!!


Re: Lost calls and not connect calls and text

Good morning,

Oh no, that's not good. Lets take a look at your area first and then we'll go from there. Will you please respond back with your zip code and your 2 nearest cross streets so that I can check your specific area. Also, what phone do you currently have? Once, I get that information, we'll see if there is a network concern and then go from there.

Looking forward to working with you,


Sprint Social Media Care

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